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Things to Look For While Buying Karaoke Equipment :
The right karaoke equipment can add all the power you need to your singing! It can help you sing like a professional and be a hit next time you get together with friends! But how do you ensure that you have the best of equipment – (karaoke player, microphones, speakers, song database, etc.) available? Relax- while we tell you exactly what you need to know…
The Different Types of Karaoke Equipment

  • The earliest of machines used cassette tapes together with printed lyrics. However, they are a bit outdated now. You might come across a few second hand models (and even a few new ones, though rare!) while you are out shopping. Most of these models carry a free microphone.
  • If you were looking for a standard karaoke machine, you would come across 2 options- one that is coin operated and another that functions on remote control. You can use both with your TV. Look for audio controls, tempo and pitch on these models- they’ll be useful when you have several candidates (and you will, trust us) vying for a chance!
  • Most of the karaoke equipment provide ratings for the users. You can have a blast trying to score over all the others at the next party you host!
  • Machines based on karaoke microphones are also very popular. You need to connect the microphone to your TV and press the button for a particular song. The buttons are available on the microphone itself, so you don’t have to fumble every time you want to change the song! These models also let you change chips, so that you can access new songs easily.
  • However, if you have an internet connection together with your PC, you can always go for karaoke online. In that case, you won’t need karaoke cds or music. Just get a microphone, sign up on the online sites and you can start singing instantly!
  • Professionals will have to go for a bit more of course. An amplifier and a multiple disc changer always work well when you are performing live. Throw in a wide collection of karaoke songs- and you can jazz up any performance! Accessories like a disc changer make for a smooth performance, so consider getting these!

Karaoke EquipmentKaraoke CDs
You may also opt for karaoke CDs instead of karaoke players. These CDs can be played on your DVD, PC or your VCD machine. You can also play it on your video game console. However, these will not provide you ratings on your attempts!if you already have a PC at home-these cds can work just fine for you.
What Should You Look For In A karaoke equipment?

  • The audio quality- this is the most important thing your system needs to have. Go for powerful audio outputs and do make sure you can adjust the pitch, bass and other tone qualities on your machine.
  • Video output- some machines let you change the backgrounds to the songs and even the graphics. Find out whether your machine does that.
  • Ratings- not everyone is interested in this facility, because you may need to pay more for these machines. However, if you want to know how you are improving every day-there is nothing better than a karaoke machine with ratings!
  • Song database- does your karaoke equipment let you add songs to the existing database? Can you change chips and discs so that new songs can be tried with ease?
  • Portability and durability- if you like to carry your music along, a microphone karaoke is a better option. Make sure the machine is durable- and stay away from cheaper options! Do read up reviews before you buy your machine!
  • Accessories- amplifiers and connectors improve the overall output and makes usage more convenient. Check for these on the machine you are buying.

Now that you know what to look for in the karaoke equipment you buy- go ahead and splurge! It’s one investment you will never regret in life!

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